Fall for the Book Festival

Tom will be presenting A Nation of Nations at the 2016 Fall for the Book Festival, organized by George Mason University and the City of Fairfax, VA   More information>

Anwar Omeish

Muslims are now one of the fastest growing immigrant groups in the USA.


Like most Americans, Tom Gjelten comes from an immigrant family. His grandfather, Nicolai Ordahl, was born and raised on a farm in Norway.

Michael Feighan & LBJ

The 1965 Immigration Act, which eliminated the use of national origin quotas in the selection of immigrants, was enacted in the midst of the civil rights movement and the Great Society legislative initiatives under President Lyndon Johnson. In order to win the support of conservatives like Democratic congressman Michael Feighan of Ohio, the Johnson Administration [...]

Mark Keam (Sun Yeop Kim)

Mark Keam, whose Korean name was Sun Yeop Kim, immigrated to the United States with his family at the age of fourteen. As a young man, he was fascinated by politics and by the promise of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition, with its vision of an alliance between minorities and immigrants of color. In Northern Virginia, [...]

The Alarcón boys

Victor Alarcón, Sr., followed his sisters-in-law to the United States even though he had no contacts there and spoke no English.

Anwar Al-Awlaki

His case illustrated how difficult it sometimes was to determine who and why some Muslims became radicalized.

Alex (Gyeong) Keam

A 1965 law made immigration to the United States possible for people around the world who previously would not have qualified for admission to the country. Among those who benefitted was Nak Man Seong, who immigrated with his wife Jeom Chul and their children in 1976. Nak Man and Jeom Chul were brought to the [...]