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For nearly four decades, TOM GJELTEN was a correspondent for NPR News. He retired from the network in 2021, after reporting on national and international news from posts in Washington and around the world. He is now working independently.

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The Bacardis of Cuba, builders of a rum distillery and a worldwide brand, came of age with their nation and helped define what it meant to be Cuban. Across five generations, the Bacardi family has held fast to its Cuban identity, even in exile from the country for whose freedom they once fought.
A Nation of Nations
In the half century after the 1965 Immigration Act, the United States underwent a profound demographic shift, with newcomers arriving from around the world in numbers not seen since the early years of the twentieth century.
Through more than three years of siege, Sarajevo’s struggle to survive as a cosmopolitan city inspired people around the world. The whole Sarajevo saga is captured in the story of Oslobodjenje (Liberation), the city’s celebrated daily newspaper.