A Nations of Nations: In the Media

Tom discussed A Nation of Nations during an hourlong interview on the Diane Rehm Show on Tuesday, September 15.   Listen to the interview online or read the transcript>

Tom’s op-ed in the Washington Post: “The Unintended Consequences of a 50-year-old U.S. Immigration Bill”

Tom’s Atlantic Online column: “The Immigration Act That Inadvertently Changed America”

“Backstory” feature on A Nation of Nations on Washington Week webcast with Gwen Ifill

Tom’s npr.org feature story: “In 1965, A Conservative Tried To Keep America White. His Plan Backfired”

Tom’s profiles of immigrant families on npr.org: “Influx Of Non-European Immigrants Defines America Today”

“How the 1965 Immigration Act Changed America”  Simon & Schuster author interview

“The Great Immigration Debate” Simon & Schuster author interview